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Lonquimay Volcano

The Lonquimay Volcano is 2865 M and is Southeast of the Tolhuaca Volcano, in the Malalcahuello sector.
As with the Villarica Volcano, this volcano has easy access to hotels and mountain cabins at the base, used for winter sports and leisure. This is an ideal place for winter sports, hiking in summer and relaxation.

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Huerquehue Park

Messenger’s route. This is a thousand year old route used by the Mapuche people that crosses the mountains, to unite with the new Nevados de Sollipulli Park with glaciers, rivers and hotsprings. This is a unique hiking experience that includes both adventure and leisure.

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Lanin Volcano

“The sleeping giant”. At 3747 M, this is the tallest volcano in the Araucania region, located on the border between Chile and Argentina.
Here you can enjoy the sunset from basecamp, or an incredible sunrise at the peak. A wonderful place for flora and fauna, the home of the beautiful condor and the Chilean puma.

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